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Sparkling Wine

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What is sparkling wine?

Sparkling wine is known as those with dissolved gas, such as champagne, cava or lambrusco. The gas is achieved through a second fermentation that takes place in the same bottle, adding sugar before it has finished fermenting.

How should sparkling wine be drunk?

The optimum drinking temperature is 7ºC, the lowest of all wines, and the most popular grape varieties are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, all white grapes.

The best temperature for consumption is 7ºC, the lowest of all wines.

Differences between Champagne and Cava

The difference between Champagne and Cava, despite popular beliefs, lies in the vines, climatology and soil where the vines are planted, being called 'Champagne' to that produced in the French area of Champagne and 'Cava' to that produced in the Mediterranean area of Spain.

The method of elaboration of 'Champagne' is the same as that of 'Cava'.

The 'champanoise' production method is used in exactly the same way for both beverages.

The 'champanoise' production method is used for both beverages.

Types of Cava and Champagne

According to the aging time, a cava is supposed to be considered 'Reseva' when it has a minimum of 15 months of aging and 'Gran Reserva' with 36 months or more. In addition, based on the amount of sugar in the bottle, we distinguish between (from lowest to highest) Brut nature, Extra Brut, Brut, Extra Dry, Dry, Semi Dry and Sweet.

In Enbotella we distribute the highest quality brands of Champagne, Cava and sparkling wines in general, with the best prices, personalized attention by professional sommeliers and guaranteed shipping in 24/48 hours.

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