We are driven by a passion for #GoodDrinking


In 2018 the idea of creating Enbotella was born, a website where to promote both Spanish and international wines. The premises were clear at that time: transparency, quality and price. Values that we continue to uphold.

We are driven by a passion for wine.

Each and every one of our members has a great appreciation for the world of wine. Since the beginning of Enbotella, in 2018, we have applied very clear principles: transparency, price and quality.

As far as transparency is concerned, we wanted to make the customer see that we are located in Zaragoza, and that they can come and visit us.

If we talk about price, the whole team is involved in a constant improvement through technology to help us not to waste a single minute of our time. This way, if we are more efficient, your price can be the minimum.

And finally, quality. At Enbotella we think that life is too short to spend it drinking something of poor quality. That's why we're all committed to finding premium quality wines at low cost, so you can really enjoy impressive flavours.


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