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Authentic Italian tradition since 1757

Cinzano is an Italian brand of vermouth marketed by Gruppo Campari since 1999. Cinzano is available in four different varieties, the Rosso being the original version.

Cinzano vermouths were born in 1757 in Turin, Italy in the herbalist's shop of the brothers Giovanni Giacomo and Carlo Stefano Cinzano. Giovanni and Carlo created a vermouth rosso with aromatic plants from the Italian Alps.

Today the recipe remains as secret as it was then and not much is known other than that the 35 ingredients used to make Cinzano Rosso include oregano, thyme and yarrow.

Later Cinzano Bianco emerged, followed by the Extra Dry version which began to be exported to Argentina, Brazil and the USA in 1890. By 1913 Cinzano was the first product to be advertised with neon signs in Paris.

Until 1985 Cinzano was a family business. At the beginning of that year a family from Turin, the Marone family, began to sell shares in the business and in 1992 an agreement was reached to pass all of Cinzano International SA into the hands of the company that is now Diageo. In 1997 Diageo sold the brand to Gruppo Campari.

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