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Ruavieja Herbal Liqueur

  • Non Vintage
  • Bottle 70cl.
Te sale a €15.01/l

Descripción de Ruavieja Herbal LiqueurDescription of Ruavieja Herbal Liqueur

  Ruavieja's history dates back to 1889, when the Rodriguez Ovalle winemaking family began to shape a secret that has remained intact for four generations. Secret of a life dedicated to the production of first quality liquors and eaux-de-vie from the best selected Galician orujos. Ruavieja hierbas is a liqueur of great tradition in the Galician community, made with different types of natural herbs, previously selected and macerated in top quality Galician brandy. To enjoy the Ruavieja taste experience, cool the bottle before serving the liqueur, pour it into a wide glass over ice, stir gently and taste all the uniqueness of its botanicals.

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