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Premium quality liqueurs and spirits

For more than four generations, the Galician Rodríguez Ovalle family has taken the most genuine aguardenteira tradition and applied it to the production of Aguardientes and Licores Ruavieja.

While remaining faithful to the essences and traditional canons of production, it is incorporating modern and rigorous quality controls. And with this, an unwavering objective: to ensure that Ruavieja's renowned liqueurs reach your palate with all the flavour and qualities that have made them famous.

The history of Ruavieja dates back to 1889, when the Rodríguez Ovalle winemaking family began to shape a secret that has remained intact for four generations. The secret of a life dedicated to the production of premium quality liqueurs and spirits from the best selected Galician pomaces. Today, Ruavieja continues to be the main reference in the production of this centenary drink that never goes out of fashion. A flavour that cannot be forgotten.

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