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Nota de CataTasting notes


Bright red cherry well covered layer.


Good nose, clear flavors surprising by its complexity, showing a mixture of balsamic aroma of ripe fruit and raisins from the two varieties.


The Winery

San Valero

Legado de Gala Placidia

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Descripción de Legado de Gala PlacidiaDescription of Legado de Gala Placidia

  Legado de Gala Placidia is unique and limited edition capable of combining history and modernity, art and technology. A wine with values centred on responsibility towards society and women in particular.In the glass it has an intense cherry red color well covered with a layer. Good nose, gives off surprising aromas for its complexity, showing a mixture of balsamic aromas, ripe fruit and raisins from the two varieties.On the palate we find ''magic of the terroir'' and aging, as well as an excellent quality elaboration, very meritorious and risky, raising this wine to the top.

Elaboración Legado de Gala PlacidiaMaking notes Legado de Gala Placidia

Notas del Viñedo

The old vineyards selected are the origin of this peculiar wine, the high mineral component of the soil transfers a subtlety of flavors to the grape. The vineyard selected to make this wine is at 750 meters of altitude, reducing the risk of frost in spring and allowing that at summer nights the temperature oscillates between 10 and 12 degrees. Everything transfers to the plant a rehydration that will be vital For a correct and progressive maturation taken care of by the deserce, a dry wind that reduces moisture conditions to avoid some type of pest.

Making notes

Vintage manual in boxes for a later download on selection table where they will be selected from all of them, the best fruits. The pressing of the grape occurs in a vertical press with the controlled pressure. Fermentation takes place in French oak barrel with daily tracends during a period of 25 to 30 days until it is discovered.


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