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Viña Armenteira

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Cristalino with coppery highlights.


Fresh and clean. Aroma fragrant, floral, fine and explosive.



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Orujo Viña Armenteira Dry White

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Descripción de Orujo Viña Armenteira Dry WhiteDescription of Orujo Viña Armenteira Dry White

  An albariño grape marc, aromatic and fine. Its high alcohol content, 45ºC, is somehow moderate in the tasting due to the softness provided by glycerin and other higher alcohols. Its aroma at room temperature is fragrant, floral, fine and explosive. Albariño grape, which gives wines characterized by their floral aromas, could not be less with the marc of its bagasse. It can be taken at room temperature, but in small sips, because if not, it may seem like a real water-ardiente", with firmness and strength. Cold, however, we can hide the strength of its 45ºC and preserve its powerful aroma."

Elaboración Orujo Viña Armenteira Dry WhiteMaking notes Orujo Viña Armenteira Dry White

Notas del Viñedo

Making notes

In the vintage, after pressed the grapes and put to ferment the must, the bagasse of our own farms is collected. After one month, little more or less, the distillation that is done by personnel and in our own facilities is begun. 6 Allambes or "pots" of copper are used, as the tradition sends. It is heated strongly at the beginning, to activate boiling and produce the drag, by the first ethanol burbotons, the most volatile substances. This first product, which in the technical slang is called "distillation heads", still having a lot of alcohol is of low quality and it is not advisable to save. After a while, the fire is lowered and continues smoothly and slowly the distillation of the true Galician oujo. At a given moment, alcohol is running out, giving rise to the distilled substances of little pleasant taste. They are the so-called "distillation queues", which are removed. The distillation of each "powder" lasts approximately 5 hours. Subsequently, the "heart" rod is reconciled again, repeating the previous process. This second distillation gives the brandy great fineness and softness. Throughout the process, the traditional system is faithfully followed, even improving it through the elimination of the heads and tails in the two distillations. The roster thus obtained is allowed to stand for a few months so that it is balancing. Subsequently, it stabilizes at temperatures of 10 ° C.


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