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Whisky J&B Reserve 15 Years Old

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  • Non Vintage
  • Bottle 70cl.
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Descripción de Whisky J&B Reserve 15 Years OldDescription of Whisky J&B Reserve 15 Years Old

  It is a very luxurious whiskey loyal to the tradition of the family of Justerini & Brooks . There in 1779  they began to produce a whisky that would later make them known throughout the world. Today, talking about J&B Reserva means talking about J&B values ??raised to the maximum: experience, quality and guarantee . The only one of its kind, J&B Reserva is made from a careful selection of the best Scottish malt and grain whiskys, aged for more than fifteen years in oak barrels.High proportion of single malt whiskys from the Speyside area, and its very elegant and fragile flavor make it an unusual and also indelible whisky.

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