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The Toro area has two ingredients that have always attracted the attention of Vintae's technical team. On the one hand, it is an area where there is a tradition of not interfering too much in the vineyard, and on the other hand, there are old vineyards of extraordinary quality.

Raúl Acha belongs to the most recent generation of a family that has been linked to the world of wine for more than two centuries. 

For the last 10 years he has been Technical Director of Vintae, a company where he has spent practically his entire career, and where he has launched projects in nine different designations of origin in Spain, always looking for the best vineyards in order to capture all their potential in unique and innovative projects, in wines that reflect the personality of each area.

Pack Especial Matsu (2 Pícaro + 2 Recio + 4 Copas)

  • Non Vintage
  • Caja 4 Botellas + 4 Copas
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Descripción de Pack Especial Matsu (2 Pícaro + 2 Recio + 4 Copas)Description of Pack Especial Matsu (2 Pícaro + 2 Recio + 4 Copas)


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