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Agusti Torello Mata

Agusti Torelló Mata is one of the first small family wineries of the 20th century in the world of Cava in the Penedès region, which continues to produce cavas of the highest quality to this day. An unmistakable brand with dosages and styles to suit all palates.

L´ Esperit D´ Agusti Torello Mata Marc De Cava

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Descripción de L´ Esperit D´ Agusti Torello Mata Marc De CavaDescription of L´ Esperit D´ Agusti Torello Mata Marc De Cava

  L'esperit D'Agusti Torello Mata is an Aguradiente elaborated by the Agustí Torelló Winery, famous for being a great Cava producer. In this case, L'esperit is an eau-de-vie with an alcoholic volume of 45%, generated by cold maceration and double distillation in a still according to the Charentais method (a method that creates a caramelization and gives the distillate a soft texture and a slight natural sweetness).Fermentation is carried out with the skins of the macabeo grapes, very present in their cellars, from the Coastal Massif of the Penedés.

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