Información TécnicaInformation

  • Appellation
  • Grape
    Zéta, Furmint
  • Making
    Botrytised Grape
  • Recommended Pairing
  • Alcohol
  • Temperatura de servicio
    Se recomienda servir a 10ºC
  • Ocasiones
    Sobremesas Largas, Wine Freaks
  • Recommended Glass
    Gabriel Glas StandART
  • VIVINO Points

Nota de CataTasting notes


Yellow gold with gold trim


Lush citrus aromas, apricot, quince and tangerine peel and honeyed nose.


It is a cool despite its concentration and silky on the palate very harmonious wine.

The Winery

Tokaj Oremus

Tokaji Oremus Aszu 3 Puttonyos

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Descripción de Tokaji Oremus Aszu 3 PuttonyosDescription of Tokaji Oremus Aszu 3 Puttonyos

  Tokaji Oremus Aszu 3 Puttonyos is a wine that comes from Hungary, specifically from the mythical Tokaji region. For the production of this sweet wine, bunches of grapes are selected from the typical varieties in this category and indigenous to the area: furmint, hárslevelü and sárgamuskotály and zéta. Category 3 Puttonyos involves a significant proportion of grapes attacked by Botrytis Cynerea, the fungus responsible for what is known as "noble rot". This fungus causes the grapes to dehydrate slowly, thus concentrating a large quantity of sugars and preserving all their acid potential. To the must that fits in a "de Gönc" barrel, i.e. 136 litres, we add three 23kg cuévanos (in Hungarian: "puttony") of Aszú noble berries. We macerate the Aszú noble berries with the must and then wait a day or two for the berries to swell and go to the press. A wine considered "of kings" for centuries, it is the perfect accompaniment to the best foie gras and terrines, as well as to intensely flavoured cheeses and countless desserts.

Elaboración Tokaji Oremus Aszu 3 PuttonyosMaking notes Tokaji Oremus Aszu 3 Puttonyos

Notas del Viñedo

Traditional Vineyard of Tokaji over granite and basalt soils. Normal varieties Furmint, Hsrlevelu, Zéta and Sárgamuskotály. Exceptionally low yields

Making notes

Aszu 3 Fermented Puttonyos in traditional barrels of 136 and 220 liters


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