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Lillet Blanc, Wine Appetizer

  • Non Vintage
  • Bottle 75cl.
€11.26 €14.07

Descripción de Lillet Blanc, Wine AppetizerDescription of Lillet Blanc, Wine Appetizer

  The wine used for the creation of Lillet Blanc comes from the best white wines. It is the result of the careful blending of Sauvignon Blanc, for its freshness and aroma, Semillon, for its structure and long finish, and Muscadelle for its floral bouquet and elegance.During the aging process, the lees are stirred back into the wine, giving Lillet its rich consistency. The wine is blended with fine handmade orange infusions made from sweet orange peels from Spain and bitter oranges from Haiti.To achieve a balance, the master distiller combines young, fresh and fruity Lillet vintages with smoother, more concentrated older vintages, making careful quality adjustments before bottling.

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